Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Month of Celebration

We're having a celebratory month over this-a-way. I'm sure there's a definite 1 year mark in there somewhere, but it's more fun to celebrate for a month, right? I know you'll be disappointed, but we haven't been hitting all the hippest discotheques or raves, just minor indulgences or niceties on a daily (or as-often-as-remembered) basis. Last night's celebration -

$24.99/lb wild caught Alaskan King Salmon (note the indulgence) and ice cream with raspberries and blackberries. The salmon indulgence might be more of a kind act to the fish (you're welcome for getting to live an idyllic life in the wild and probably being caught by someone on The Greatest Catch and not having to live in a fish farm eating compressed fish food compound weirdness and oily stuff) and yes, my conscience, but it still counts. The berries were on sale, but still so tasty.