Monday, June 28, 2010

More Reasons to Celebrate!

Oh halleluja! After what seems like an eternity of making do with my buggy (ahem, understatement of the millenium), 4-year old (pretty much elderly, if you think about it) Dell laptop, I've got a fantabulous new Mac. I'd really hoped to be home when it was dropped off so that I could take a photo with the FedEx delivery person and offer him or her a cold beer (great idea, Katie!), but I just missed it. Thus, documentation began as soon as I opened the box.

Important moments pictured: Koan's dad helping/wondering what the heck this chick's deal is, dogs doing their thing in the background, Kayla being completely uninterested in this momentous occasion, me not being able to turn it on, then the glorious moment when it started booting up. The last photo is me lovin up on the apple stickers I've only ever gotten for my iPod and iPhone in the past. I finally feel like a legit member of the club. I haven't yet gotten tired of hearing, "It's a beautiful machine."