Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recent Projects [or, This post brought to you by the makers of ModPodge]

This has been one of my go-to crafts for a couple of years now and, in my opinion, it never fails. Who doesn't want a few one-of-a-kind magnets for the fridge, eh? This particular set was for Melanie, but I kind of wanted to keep them for myself.

They're stuck onto what I believe is the lid from a jar of pasta sauce and were gifted with a piece of leftover ribbon tied 'round. Wrapping paper is for sissies.

The thank you card below (pardon the weird coloring) is cardstock, remnant fabric, and iron-on letters. It certainly isn't perfect, but handmade and unique is more important than perfectly aligned letters. That's what I told myself to keep from throwing it out and starting from scratch, anyway. Also, I was out of Ts.

How about you? Any recent projects I should know about/borrow?

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