Wednesday, May 12, 2010

If I had gone to art school...

...I hope I'd be able to come up with something this rad. From Jessica Hische via Seymour Cornelius and Swiss Miss. I definitely identify with the top portion; I know I used Curlz on a slumber party invite and I currently despise Papyrus, though I'm sure I liked it at some point.

I'm thinking about starting/joining a revolution against it. So far there are quite a few restaurants, a building contractor, and a medical marijuana dispensary that I refuse to patronize due to their use of Papyrus on their signs or other materials. Unfortunately, despite more than one designer (and me!) trying to get rid of it, my own employer still uses it on letterhead. Blech.

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Avery Fellow said...

Hahah Lashley I totally understand. I can't order off a menu in Papyrus! :) And my employer's use of typewriter is almost a dealbreaker.