Friday, April 3, 2009

I am an html genius

Nope, that's not actually true at all. I did, however, figure out how to make my photos as big as I'd like them AND as clear (or, at least, not pixel-y) as they are in real life. You, dear reader (I know I know, quite the assumption there), might not have noticed, but I went back and changed the code for the last few posts and I think they look a billion times better. We'll give the credit to the delicious margarita I'm enjoying.

Isn't this guy a beauty? He belongs to my friend Meghan's roommate. His name is Jack and I think he looks positively like a king. Took this photo while snowed in at Meghan's during last weekend's spring time blizzard. My two biggest complaints about my job are 1) The unavoidable driving all around the metro area and 2) The solitary nature of clinical hours. Thankfully, Meghan and I were assigned to work with a set of 2 year old twins (Oh, how I wish it weren't a flagrant breach of confidentiality to show you a photo of them - they're absolutely stunning!), so 6 times a week we work within the walls of the same house. Turns out, she's swell.

PTL for the weekend too, by the way.

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