Sunday, April 5, 2009

For Eric

Hm... Awkward post title? Perhaps I should clarify: this Eric, not the Eric married to this Katie. That would be awkward. Apparently my cliff-hanger craft update was too much for some people (or at least one person) to handle.

So, the mysterious pile of supplies from a few posts ago turned into this:

This was fabric I'd bought in college with the aim to make some sort of bag, so I decided to finally follow through.

Can you tell where the bag meets my hip (generally wearing dark blue jeans) on a very regular basis?

It's definitely not perfect, but it's very me. I have a green/orange/brown thing happening lately (In fact, I mentioned that to someone the other day who then pointed out that I just "happened" to be wearing all those colors). The back is quilted for a little extra padding. I wish I could take credit with the very-simple-but-utterly-adorable method, but it came from here.

Brandi's sewing machine has that cute leaf stitch setting, which I quite enjoy. Seat belt webbing for the strap is fun too.

And the L is back!

I'm very results-oriented in my crafting (as discussed previously), so this one makes me really happy. It's as about as functional as you can get, but I love the pretty details. I don't love that I had major neck pain the first couple of days I carried it, but I adjusted and it's officially now my go-to work/study/lots-of-stuff bag.


Eric Teetsel said...

Whew - thanks!

Katie said...

Nice crafting! Do I sense and Etsy shop opening in your future?! :) xoxo Lunch soon?

Adam said...

Wait...what's the 'L' stand for?

You Are My Fave said...

So cute. I love the leaf stitch.