Monday, December 20, 2010

Etsy Taste Taste

I just took the Etsy Taste Test. Really cool. After about 5 minutes of choosing "the item that most fits your taste," you too can have a permalink full of things on Etsy that you'll like. Here's mine in case you want to buy me something:


Adrienne said...

Neat! I had to take it twice because the first set was a little too Little House on the Prairie (a style I adore, but I don't really need any more antiquey pie plates or quilted pillowcases). The second set was an interesting mix of steampunk, "shabby chic," and folk art. I can definitely see this being a handy tool for fleshing out a decorating theme.

Plus! While they made me wait for the screen to load they gave me a few lines of Catullus to mull over. Angsty Latin is always a good time-killer.

Katie (Mama May I) said...

SO FUN! Inspired me to make my own Etsy Wish List blog post. I also just decided that for my birthday this year I only want money for Etsy shopping!

Katy said...

Just did mine and some great finds popped up. Hmmm. Hoping for some Christmas money!