Monday, October 4, 2010


Natalie asked me to take some photos of her for her new position as regular blogger over at DownEast Basics By Design blog in addition to her regular work at her own blog, Sensibly Styled. Despite my getting lost and being half an hour late for our early Saturday morning shoot, I think we got some good ones.

So let's run down the list: super pretty, adorable family (more on that to come), great and practical fashion sense, and yes, the girl can work a hat.


You Are My Fave said...

These turned out so great. I love the one with her in the hat. I would look like such an idiot doing that but Natalie works it.

Natalie said...

Thanks Melanie! And Thanks Lashley for doing such a great job on the pictures! I can't wait to see the family ones!