Friday, June 18, 2010

Illustrator Shmillustrator

I came up with this super basic design (that makes it sound really profesh, but I'm going to go with it) for Hannah and Craig in good ol' Apple iWork Pages. Sometimes I think the options (and limitations) of Pages, Word, etc are just enough to create something simple and fun. Hannah and Craig had a "c + h" theme throughout their wedding goodies, so I totally copied that, then used a combination of circles, ovals, triangles, and lines for the little love birdies. A few copy, pastes, rotates, distorts, groups, and ungroups later - tada!

For the finished product (no photo, sorry), I used one of my favorite methods for creating wall art. After flipping the entire design horizontally (so it reads backwards), I printed it onto inkjet transfer paper, then ironed it onto a flat canvas board*. It never comes off perfectly (some shiny spots, some matte, some spots where the color doesn't quite transfer), but I've done this with photos, text, and images and I'm always happy with the result. The best part about using the canvas board is that it's flat enough to allow for easy framing, but substantial enough to not require it. I consider this method to be one of my tiny strokes of genius.

I think my gift might have been somewhat upstaged by this one

but I like it all the same! Photo by Matt, of course.

*The actual construction was slightly more complicated than this as I have a tendency to forget to flip parts, smudge canvasses, and iron things crookedly.

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