Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally Friday

Golly, I'm missing vacation today. This week has been a wee bit insane - full schedule of clients, no-break Mondays and Tuesdays make for an exhausted Lashley, plus boyfriend took over as manager of his shop and has been working like a madman, so the vibe has been generally not-so-relaxed. I've also had a "I think I'm going to be poor forever" breakdown at least once, realized my exam is in less than two weeks, and feel totally stuck in my journey to real photographer status because I don't have a fully functioning computer (and can't afford to buy a new one).

As you might guess, I'm glad it's Friday, especially since my weekend started at noon and I'm headed for a hot stone massage as soon as I finish this post (gotta use up all those pre-paid massages that have been taking their toll on my bank account). The weekend holds some other fun things along with the standard weekend busy-ness and after reading this and this, I think some "for me" time as well, though I'm not sure just what that will be. Maybe a photo walk - those often help me get out of the life-isn't-fair I'm-getting-jipped too-big thoughts back to the wow-what-a-perfectly-round-dandelion isn't-the-world-beautiful line of thinking. Maybe First Friday art walk is a good way to start?

Also, happy birthday, Melanie! And happy Mother's Day to all you fantastic mamas!

PS I don't know which one is technically correct, but I intentionally used "jipped" after learning more about "gypped." I never say that word in real life though, so lucky you!

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You Are My Fave said...

If you ever need to lament about being poor, turn to me. I can relate. A husband in law school and working for beans? Poor city my friend.

Thanks for the birthday wishes and for coming to my party! I'm sad the weather wasn't better. The magnets are currently sprucing up my fridge.