Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good News!

(faces concealed to protect the innocent)

Some blog-worthy life developments:

1. AC adapter!. The situation is annoying because I've already had to replace it once (curse you, Dell!), but a working computer is helpful for daily life operations. And blogging, which is decidedly not daily. Now I just need to figure out how to make my laptop run smoothly on a consistent basis. Perhaps will ask the asterisk.

2. Craft day! My super creative and talented friend Brandi (click on the link. go to her site. pronto.) and I have established a weekly-ish time for crafting. She's made some seriously awesome things that I wish I had photographed - amazing baby blanket/quilt with screen printing and hand stitching, drawings for some album art. Really great stuff. I made the new banner at the top of this page (sort of a craft, right?) and carved a block for printmaking (photos to come). I love craft day. And Brandi.

3. New lens! I finally bought a standard prime lens and I'm super excited. I named him Stanley. The photos above were not taken with said lens, but were taken while earning the money for it. Sorry if the bum shot offends anyone (especially if the person pictured is your offspring), but it was too adorable not to post.

Hopefully all of these developments will lead to me being a more dependable blogger. Fingers crossed!

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Katie said...

Great photos, Lash! Sorry I missed you & Cort this week. Soon....xoxo