Monday, September 29, 2008


I have a new web-love. The Selby. A beautiful site full of photos (by Todd Selby) of creative people's homes - could it be any better? Everything from sleek ultra-modern to flea market chic... it's addictive for sure. Addictive and inspirational.

You wouldn't know it by my apartment, but I desperately want to live in a well-decorated space. Mostly I blame it on money, since I can't very well chalk it up to not having time (let's remember I work something in neighborhood of 15 hours a week), but that's pretty lame. I'm trying to remind myself that, when motivated, I can be a thrifty, creative, (dare I say inspired?, i don't) person.

The latest evidence:

14" x 18" canvas (bought at cost off of craig's list), my photos (the middle one is a photo of some Amy Butler fabric, colors/brightness changed) applied using iron on transfer paper left over from making Courtney's bachelorette party tee. It's definitely not Selby-worthy, but I like it.

Now, the next project.

I'm not sure yet. I have many more canvasses and means to hang them. I recently picked up two cans of (free!) mismatched paint from the neighborhood Ace store. I'm thinking about some found-objects-as-stencils or "stamps," but I have yet to find any inspirational objects.



Adam said...

Anything but chain link fence - it's too 1996. Before you know it you'll be burning screenplays and singing about paying rent.

Katie said...

Nice, job! Since I seem to be lacking any time for creativity around my house these days...perhaps I'll hire you to make a piece of art for our new living
oh, and do you want to make my Christmas presents?!