Monday, September 29, 2008


I spent Sunday with some terrific ladies up in the Republic of Boulder. The plan included pumpkins and a corn maze - a very fall day. However, the festivities got cut short by the very un-fallish 85 degree weather, but here are a few photos nonetheless.

Brandi and Ani didn't win the corn maze "race," but they are a pretty good looking team.

Don't tell me you don't match your accessories to the scenery...


Switch it up

(There were also a variety of farm animals at this place, but we left before I could properly document them)

We left and ended up at Emily's watching Brian Regan on DVD. I'm not sure anything can top a person's first love with Brian Regan ("take luck," "both favorites," "when's that baaaby due?"), but this was pretty good too.

apparently i liked feet that day

Expect nothing less.

(on shipping packages) "So I called back, "Ya, I have ten boxes and... no I'm another guy. Ya and they all weigh exactly 22 pounds, and they all have a girth of... three." "Three what?" "Three... girth units."
-Brian Regan

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Tomàs said...

PS, your necklace matches the pumpkins perfectly in pic #2.

You TOTALLY planned that, didn't you?