Friday, September 26, 2008

Good Good News

Pretty excited about this one. New Sandra McCracken album to be released this month! This lady's music never ceases to astound me. Always the perfect combination of full, rich, and deep with peaceful, sweet, and gentle. And her little baby boy's name is Rhodes - clearly the gal has a good head on her shoulders. You can hear some of her stuff on her myspace page.

Warning: You will fall in love and might become as devoted as I am.

"Sandra McCracken's cloud-splitting voice will be my undoing. And it doesn't hurt that her writing marries the pop acumen of Lennon/McCartney to the lyrical heft of Julie Miller. If I wrote down all the superlatives I'm tempted to write down, you'd question my credibility."
-Jason Killingsworth Deputy Music Editor, Paste Magazine

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Katie said...

Hi Lash! Because of you, I'm just as excited for her new album. I miss your fab music aroud the shop :( Also, love your new format xoxox~k