Sunday, June 22, 2008

The only constant is...


Or as Shelley put it, "Nought may endure but Mutability."

Things have felt more or less like they've been on cruise control for some time now - same apartment, same job, same basic life for over a year. But in light of some hefty upcoming changes in life, I've decided to try blogging (ag
ain, for those keeping track).

My official last day at Patagonia is this Wednesday, which will end two years and two months of retail life for me. I'm relieved, thrilled, and sad. As far as clothing companies go, you can't get much better than Patagonia - I really believe they're
trying to do the right thing on most every front. There are a lot of amazing people I've met and worked with both in the Denver store and throughout the company that I'll certainly miss being around. But unfortunately (or not), neither of those are enough to make me stay in retail-land. I haven't learned the art of not taking work seriously and this has not made for a pleasurable work experience lately. Also, some people I work with are crazy.

For the past few months, I've been cutting down on my time at the store and spending more time with these individuals:
They're pretty great, but sadly are moving (along with their parents) out to the suburbs. I'm also a bit relieved as I think I might have been getting a little over-saturated in my infant/toddler time, but I know I'll miss seeing them on such a regular basis. I'm a sucker for all the free cuddliness.

To answer the obvious question (I realize this presumes there are people reading this blog, which has not yet been verified), I'm getting a real job. Or close to one, anyway. I'm doing some behavior therapy contract work which will hopefully grow into a full time job. There are some great folks based out of an office just down the road from me who do really solid work - grounded in scientific methods but very personal and hands-on - and they're
letting me work with them! It's taken some time to get going, but it's really quite exciting. When people used to ask me what I'd like to be doing when/if I left Patagonia, this is exactly what I'd tell them. What are the odds?

Amazingly, I feel pretty peaceful about all the transitions. There are some risks I'm having to take in order to make the jump, but the anxiety is fading.

I'm excited. And practicing being thankful.


Susanna said...

Hi Lash! How fun. I had no idea you were following our blog. And I'm glad you've taken up writing (again?). Anyway, I think you're plan sounds wonderful! How great to be able to be doing what you love.

ps. any plans to come to Utah for Elizabeth's wedding? we would love to see you. we're still trying to figure out when we can make it to denver. we miss it like crazy.

Katie said...

Hey, what happened to my comment? Well I'll repost it then.....I'm really going to miss seeing you at the store. It's going to be extra lonely without you. I wish you all the best on your new adventure. You are so amazing with kiddos and will change lives, I'm sure of it.