Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Additions

Nope.  Not babies.  Chickens.

Having a backyard flock has been on our radar for over a year, but hadn't yet materialized, mainly due to time needed to construct their coop and run and the inconvenience associated with having to post a sign in our yard before getting hens allowing neighbors to complain and potentially prevent us from getting them (seriously).  A little while back though, Denver ushered in a Food Producing Animals Ordinance that allows a limited number of animals without the silly permitting process.  Not too long after that, a friend of a friend of a friend needed to pass along her hens before moving.  Thus, we have chickens! 

They didn't really have names at their previous home (there was a half-hearted attempt, but nothing really stuck) and that was the part I was most excited about, so we took the liberty of naming them.  I'd wanted to name them all after queens and Koan latched onto that idea, I think mostly because there are some fun names from Dutch monarchs.

Named after: This Old Testament queen who was pretty bad-ass. 
Breed:  Easter Egger (her eggs, when she lays them, are pale turquoise!)
Known for:  Being pretty high maintenance.  She had some unpleasant medical issues her first week with us and has since stopped laying and begun to molt.

Named after:  CleopatraComin' atcha.
Breed:  Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock)
Known for:  Being rude.  She has taken to pecking one of the other chickens whenever that one tries to eat.  Lovely.  Also for regularly laying eggs, which we appreciate.

Named after:  This Elizabeth or this one.  Take your pick.
Breed:  Rhode Island Red
Known for:  Laying eggs in places other than the nesting box (e.g., in the run while eating) and being the least afraid of humans.  She has no fear, which subsequently freaks me out.  I like them to keep a little distance.

Wilhelmina.  AKA Mina, Dubya, Willie.
Named after:  This Dutch queen.
Breed:  Golden Laced Wyandot
Known for:  Being pretty, being the last to lay, getting pecked whenever she tries to eat.

Overall, they're pretty fun and the pancakes I made with their eggs were delicious.  The eggs themselves are supposed to be quite tasty (I don't care for eggs in general), as are farm fresh eggs in general. 

Sometimes they do funny things - 
Like all hop up on our second-hand patio couch and groom themselves/look headless with incredible synchronization.  Please ignore our junk corner.
They came to us exactly one week after we got engaged, so things were a little hectic.  Then the next weekend was my birthday, so naturally we had a party to celebrate all three!  This is the only picture we have to prove it though:

Friends, babies, dogs, ping pong.  An excellent way to celebrate our exciting chapter!

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