Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mostly True.

This is up in a lot of places on the internets, but I found it pinned by Ludmila of creamylife blog.

Most of these hit home, #30 is kinda lame. Re: #27, I agree, but NEVER know what I should do with worn-but-not-dirty clothes. Isn't it weird to put them back in the closet/drawer? Can I get an in-between closet especially for those?



Adrienne said...

I have an in-between laundry basket for that very purpose. It's a new addition to the system (replacing a designated spot on the floor) and it's working fabulously.

david m. said...

Creator of the piece deserves a HTFU and get over your entitled attitude for #30. Cyclists deserve encouragement, not scorn or anger. They have every legal right to the road that a car has, and hate or anger has no place on the road.

Forgive the rant on your blog comments, Lash. I realize no one will read the comments. I just find that attitude really unnerving.