Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I'm photographing the wedding of the wonderful Elizabeth Strauss* and her super fiance Scott in a few weeks. Not second shooting, the real deal. When Elizabeth asked me to come on board, she said something like, "You have to be a lead shooter at some point, it might as well be for another photographer." ...Yep, I'm with you, reader: there are some flaws in that reasoning. In any case, in attempt to not freak out/trust Elizabeth's judgment/grow my own creativity, I set about looking for inspiration.

I love Sharon Clark's work. It's warm, beautiful, and original without being overdone.

These are killer.

And this. Swoon.

And this. This is a shot I support fully.

The walking shot. This one gives me anxiety. If you are a person I happen to encounter in the next 3 1/2 weeks, please do not be surprised if I ask you to walk towards me while I try to photograph you.

I think I've convinced my friend and photographic-encourager Derik to join me with his trusty Holga. He thinks I'm doing it to expand his photographic pursuits, but I'm just being prepared in case I have some sort of creative crisis during the event.

*If Elizabeth's name seems familiar, you might remember that I was her second shooter a year or so ago for John and Rachel's wedding.


Katie (Mama May I) said...

Congratulations! You deserve this. I can't wait to see what you do.
You told me about Smitten Photography, remember? I instantly loved her work the second I looked at it. It is warm, natural, artistic.
When I look back at the pictures from our wedding, what I love so much is how he captured the whole thing, photo-by-photo, in a way that was real and warm, candid and plays out like watching a video of captured moments~only they are still and I love that (I'm not a video gal, but I certainly wanted to document and remember the day as it was moment by moment.)
You will rock it, I know!

Mallory said...

Sharon is my favorite and you're just as talented! Congrats on the big girl photo job. You'll do great- no doubt. Then you can teach me how to do it! I like the engagement pictures too, they look like a step up from the norm. I'm so ready to be done with grad school so I can learn how to use a camera... we could be an unstoppable sister duo if I can get as good as you are!