Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Tree Grows in the Internet

I've been helping my awesome pal Lorissa design some new marketing materials for her child and adolescent counseling practice. I think the phrase "marketing materials" makes me sound fancy.

I illustrator-ed an initial version of these trees based on some collective brainstorming around the idea of "resilience," Lorissa's basic summary of psychological health. We're trying out a few different color schemes. There seems to be consensus, but thought I'd seek opinions from my internet friends too. Considering, of course, that the chosen tree will set the colors for the rest of the business card and have some influence on her website too, which one do you prefer?

I know the tree is missing half its trunk. That is intentional, but eventually I might have to try to complete it.


You Are My Fave said...

I think I like the one furthest to the left the best but they all look great.

Lorissa said...

Yes it's between original and neutrals... I'm still working on my tag line! :)
I am so lucky to have you helping me...!

Eric said...

These are really great! I like the one to the right most of all. The colors are subtle and warm.