Friday, September 3, 2010

Art for the Non-Artist

Here's some art I made last weekend.

I had a large canvas that came in a used frame I got from the Craig. There was a very... interesting "rose" painting on it, which quickly got primed over. Fast forward almost a year, then...

(blue painter's tape, cut in squiggly lines with an xacto and layered on top of each other)

(paintable caulk added for texture, reddish orange samples left from painting the back wall of the kitchen)

(paint over entire canvas, tick tock tick tock, carefully remove tape)

(some of the primer came off when I removed the tape, but I don't mind too much)

Et voila. Without having to actually know anything about painting, I now have art above the bed. I'm quite happy that this cost me relatively nothing, used a bunch of stuff that was lying around, and looks good enough to keep.

Now, let's see if this gives me the momentum to get this room painted.