Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Denver Underground Music Showcase was this weekend. This is a weekend-long event where bars, restaurants, stores, and parking lots along South Broadway host performances for something like 300 lesser-known artists and flocks of music enthusiasts and tatooed people are in ecstasy. We saw Nathaniel Rateliff (plus band) as well as "Surprise Special Guest" Gregory Alan Isakov. While somewhat new to me, we saw Hoots and Hellmouth twice; Both times totally energetic and otherwise awesome. This video is a few months old, but you get the point (be sure to check out their tambourine-rigged stomping boards) -

I'm also newly intrigued by the Dallas-based band The Beaten Sea. Hm... website says their staying around for a few days. Anybody want to go to Boulder on Wednesday night?


Melissa said...

I wish I lived in Denver -- this sounds like such a great show!

John said...

Thanks for helping me find some new music!