Monday, May 31, 2010

Over the River and Through the Snow

I know it's a holiday, but I'm working my regular very long Monday hours then BBQing it up in the evening, so I'll just pretend it's still Saturday morning in the mountains*. We went here, if you're local or just curious (locurious?). We didn't actually go all the way to Lost Lake partly because I didn't want to ford a river (or stone-hop across a healthy stream) then walk over snow for a mile in my running shoes and jeans (terrible decision, I know), but mainly because
someone didn't actually tell me there was a lake to see until we were on our way back down. Pre deciding-to-head-down the hike was called Hessie Trailhead. Post-decision it was called Lost Lake. Sheesh. Should be headed back soon with our new tent and I plan to bring a real camera next time, so don't be too sad.

Fun fact(s): Memorial Day was originally named Decoration Day and the date was chosen because of the likelihood of a good selection of blooming flowers. If I weren't going to be hanging out with cool kiddos (and driving, of course [i love my job, i love my job...]), I'd display some fresh flowers and decorate something awesome in honor of our fallen heroes.

*Things I will conveniently leave out of my pretending: white dog vomiting in the car, black dog running into barbed wire fence with her neck, "hope you enjoyed your hour and a half drive for a 20 minute hike" hyperbolic statement.

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