Saturday, April 17, 2010


Tried using Picasa's watermark feature on these photos. Officially not doing that anymore.

We drove back from San Diego on Tuesday and Wednesday and hopped back into the working world for the end of the week. There are quite a few things I miss about vacation, but probably most of all that sweet luxury that is getting dressed for dinner. There is certainly something to be said for not landing in a heap on the couch from 6:25pm until bed time.

Thankfully, I returned to a very short work week followed by an exciting weekend.

I really need to stop only using my 50mm lens. Not ideal for getting a shot of the whole room.

Friday night Lorissa had her Peru fundraiser party. It was a smashing success with plenty of good food, drinks, live music, and art and craft. Lorissa raised about $400 over her fundraising goal, so she gets to write a big check to the charity with which she's working. Sweet, huh? I bought a necklace from MadeMama and two custom dog portraits from Design!Kitty. There were lots of local artists who donated beautiful goods to help Lorissa gather funds - you can check them out on her blog.

And sweet Saturday (aka National Record Store Day). I scored some sweet reclaimed skateboard earrings by Mukee and Create Denver's Crafty Ballyhoo. Currently listening to So Runs the World Away for the second time in a row. Love me some Josh Ritter.

And to think there's still another day of weekend left!

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Lorissa said...

Cool! Life is so much better with pictures and blogging.

Will you email me the pics from the party asap?

Love ya!