Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I recently ordered this West Elm "Parachute" duvet cover. I went back and forth over whether to sew or buy a new one, but all the cute designer fabric I wanted to use would have made the total as much as buying a new one and I would save the guilt over not getting it done "just right" or "not at a snail's pace" or "closed at the bottom" (made one cover almost 5 years ago and still haven't put in that zipper at the bottom). I also reasoned that this one was worth buying since reproducing it would be more or less impossible for me.

I ordered the feather grey color shown above with some shams and have some plans to use this Design Sponge/Brett Bara tutorial to make some throw pillows to go with them. I have my eye on two Moda patterns at Fancy Tiger: An orange/turquoise floral and (same) turquoise and white herringbone.

If you're feeling more determined/original/crafty than I, there's also a duvet cover tutorial you can try!


Katie (Mama May I) said...

I just got the new West Elm catalog in the mail and looked at it last night. Beautiful duvet...I love the color. West Elm does beautiful bedding.

Lorissa said...

This is gorgeous!