Friday, January 8, 2010

Holiday Catch-Up

I didn't take a lot of photos on Thanksgiving or Christmas, but I've had these on my memory card and thought I should post them so I can stop having guilt over not posting them.

Thanksgiving (table):

Christmas (mantle):

Try not to be confused by the number of stockings. This really nice Dutch family had a stocking for me in addition to their four! This house belongs to one of them, but I put up the "tree." Note the Patagonia gift bags (not containing gifts from Patagonia). I had a grand idea that I'd make my own this year, but then I didn't.

A framed version of this became a Christmas gift from three of the stocking-holders to the other two. Not exceptional, but also not bad for having 10 minutes at high-noonish on the way to the airport after being pulled over.

And here's the only photograph I have from Christmas day. It's a Pano shot (that is, with the Pano app which merges separate photos into one), which explains some people looking ghostish and at least one person looking quasi-Quasimodoish.

Ta da! C'est tout.