Monday, August 3, 2009

Emily Ilo Hannah Craig Day

"Emily Ilo Hannah Craig Day" is the name I gave the file when I uploaded the photos, so it seemed an appropriate post name as well. The older Dorean girls had a week together in BV and I got to see 2/3 of them (plus baby ilo!) for a day in Denver in between airport trips. It was a full 2 weeks ago now, but better late than never...

We visited Fancy Tiger (not pictured) and a few other South Broadway shops.

We spent most of the afternoon lounging at or around Wash Park.

Ilo and Craig had some man time. Man time involved some creative baby-dressing.

Twas lovely, of course.

For those keeping track, I did get internet at my apartment, but it's painfully slow. Since I started my online class, I've been busy watching lecture videos and "attending class" online in creative locations. And not blogging. Oh well. Maybe the new flash and light sphere I just ordered will motivate me to update more frequently?

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