Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wanna swip me for my woccasins?

I just put my TV and DVD player on craigslist to sell. I included these tres chic rabbit ears and the little device necessary to watch DVDs on the 15 year old television. Should bring in some big money... I think I'll be glad to have them gone.

This post's title is unrelated to the television. It actually means "Do you want to swap me for my moccasins?" but sometimes things come out differently than intended (ahem, right Mallory?). Some gals at my church organized a clothing swap that's taking place this afternoon, with anything not finding a new home going to Goodwill. I think it's genius. I just filled a Freightliner Max (= 7500 cubic inches) plus another duffel with things to get rid of. I don't even care if I find anything I like there, I'm just excited to see all this stuff go!

Apparently I'm in a purging kind of mood. I think the holiday consumerism is having a reverse effect on me. Or maybe its this -


Katie said...

I'm just guessing that you didn't give up the max? ;) Way to purge!

Eric said...

I finally commented on your comment about Christian higher ed. I missed it somehow until now!