Sunday, October 12, 2008

Special Treat

This weekend, my sister Mallory and my friends Katie and Meredith came to visit from Virginia. Weather was not great (we couldn't even see the mountains, much less feel motivated to do anything fun in their vicinity), but we made do.

Mal and I Friday night before the Ben Kweller show. Also before a stranger's can of PBR exploded all over the back of my pants.

We used to get mistaken for twins ALL the time. What do you think?

We spent Saturday in Colorado Springs (where Meredith used to live). A few photos we took while braving the chill.

Katie and I were in school together (same grade) starting in 6th grade, but didn't become friends until after we graduated. Still not sure how that happened.

I didn't take many photos this day. I wanted a little break from being the photo girl and all the other folks had their cameras. I did swipe Mallory's for a few minutes to play. I wasn't impressed with my cold weather photography stamina - I didn't last long. This requires some attention.

We had hot cocktails and delicious food at Shuga's, a place that slightly redeems Colorado Springs for me.

Trying so hard to become familiar with Photoshop. It's coming along s l o w l y.

And that's all the photos I have to share. More fun was had, I just don't have any documentation of it.

Thanks for visiting girls! Come back when the sun is shining!

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