Monday, October 6, 2008


I have fantastic friends.

They're beautiful, attentive, intelligent, warm, amazing men and women. They care for and about me in really great ways. It's true, far too many of them live too far away and I ache to have them closer. Sometimes I want to fast forward the new little buds of friendship into the full, open blossoms I trust are in the future. Sometimes I just want to fly all over the world and rest in the relationships I've already worked to build. It's hard.

But they're there. However far away or close that "there" is, they exist. And they're doing the same things I'm doing - simultaneously loving where they are, who they're with, and wishing for more.

It brings me back to the greatest tension we live with: the already-but-not-yet-ness that defines living, especially Kingdom living (or my feeble attempt at it).

And I remember that this too shall be made right.

This seems like the ultimate post for photos, but where in the world would I start? Too many beautiful ones to choose from, which reminds me again to be thankful.


Tomàs said...

this is poetry.

Courtney said...

You are a wonderful, caring, loving person dear Lash. Thinking of you friend.