Saturday, October 4, 2008

Play-based Learning

Doing some trial and error Photoshop/Illustrator learning - one error being that I can't figure out how to import Illustrator files into Blogger, another being that CMYK jpeg files get their colors reversed when imported into Blogger. I worked around them though and am posting some photo arrangements of some really really cute kids.

Besides making the second set B&W, I didn't do any Photoshop "magic" (more because I haven't experimented enough to learn how than because I'm opposed to it)... aside from the technical file format difficulties, this was a quick little job. Part of me wanted to make them both either color or B&W, but I think they work best in their respective color schemes.

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Tomàs said...

Do you use a photohosting site (Flickr, Photobucket, etc) to upload your photos before putting them on Blogger? I've found that Blogger can be kind of finicky with photos, so I use Photobucket to upload my photos, then I link them onto my posts with their "direct link" HTML codes.

I'm not that familiar with illustrator, but what is the file extension it puts out? Is it ".jpeg" or ".jif" or some other standard image format? I don't know much about the CMYK thing...that sounds kind of crazy.

But I love your photos.