Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer of...


It's official - this is the Year of the Wedding (YotW). Since April, there have been 7 ceremonies celebrating some of my very dear friends (sadly, I was not able to attend them all) and there are at least 3 more to go! Whew. I realize the planning and putting on of a wedding is much more work than the attending of one, but it still involves some work. A recap:

The only YotW ceremony in which I was a member of the wedding party - Jennifer and John's in April. Aside from a minor (though it felt pretty major and is still somewhat unbelievable) dress fiasco, my cousin and her new husband's wedding was so great. A big extended family party!

In May, Corinne and Jeff's wedding happened the same day as another Dickinson alum, Ben, and his new wife Emily got married, AND the day my cousin Alan and his lady Deanna tied the knot. It was tough to decide which to attend and I ended up choosing none. Bummer.

A couple of photos I stole from Corinne's myspace.

And from Deanna's facebook.

In June, Abby and Jeff got hitched. Abby and I were pals at Dickinson and, way back in 2005, as summer was approaching, I suggested she apply to work at Noah's Ark. She ended up getting a job in the office and met Jeff that summer. Three years later, they're married! Thus, I take credit for this match.

And the latest, Jeff and Julie! I worked with both of these lovely individuals at Patagonia and they've become great friends. Jeff and Julie have been together for a long time and it was fantastic to be part of their big day.

Congrats and blessings to everyone!

When evening shadows and the stars appear/
And there is no one there to dry your tears/
I could hold you for a million years/
To make you feel my love.
-Bob Dylan
(Alan and Deanna used "To Make You Feel My Love" in their wedding. It's one of my all-time favorite songs!)

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